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This is the webpage of the DFG priority programme on "Non-smooth and Complementarity-based Distributed Parameter Systems: Simulation and Hierarchical Optimization”

Upcoming Events

  • Summer School on Complementarity problems in Applied Mathematics: Modeling, Analysis, and Optimization

    TU Dortmund, Jul 30 - Aug 01, 2018 Complementarity problems and related non-smooth structures play an important role in various applications such as elastoplastic deformation or damage processes. The non-smoothness of such systems has a direct impact on its mathematical treatment, beginning from the analysis over numerical simulations to the optimization of such systems and processes. The summer school aims to illustrate these effects on applied mathematics as a whole. It is primarily intended for the doctoral and postdoctoral students of the DFG SPP1962, however other interested parties may also apply to register.

  • SPP1962 Annual Meeting

    Berlin-Kremmen, Hotel Sommerfeld, Oct 01-03, 2018

  • SPP1962 Book Camp

    WIAS Berlin, Oct 04-05, 2018


New preprint submitted (P06)

Gerd Wachsmuth submitted the Preprint SPP1962-057, Generalized Derivatives for the Solution Operator of the Obstacle Problem

Jun 13, 2018

Book Camp on Oct. 4-5

A book camp for young researchers of the SPP1962 will be held in WIAS Berlin.

Jun 07, 2018

Annual Meeting on Oct. 1-3

The third annual meeting of the members of SPP1962 is scheduled for Oct. 1-3.

May 30, 2018